Contributions to the elderly house Beneficencia del Carmen
In attention to its social commitment towards the community and to the monthly contribution for the welfare of the Beneficencia del Carmen, old charitable organization over 100 years old, looking after more than 90 elderly people, our firm has increased the donation as a contribution to the enormous needs of this important institution. Similarly, close to June 13th day to honor St. Anthony of Padua his patron and protector, our firm contributes as usual with these festivities, this year offering a lunch for the “abuelitos” with the presence of the family Pizzolante Sabatino who wishes to ratify their commitment to the asylum and those celebrations, which Teresa Pizzolante de Sabatino (+), mother of Drs. Iván Darío and José Alfredo Sabatino Pizzolante became a promoter for decades, as president of the women association organizing these festivities.