Sabatino Pizzolante foments the painting between the childrens
Sabatino Pizzolante Abogados Marítimos & Comerciales co-sponsored with the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Cabello the program “Los Niños Pintan su Ciudad”, which includes the elaboration of a set of twelve murals throughout the geography of Puerto Cabello. Each one of the referred murals are co-sponsored by that institution and an associated company, with the support of a local artist, among them, Jesús Pereira, Felipe Yasonna, Víctor Pachano, Evelio Guzmán, Elizabeth Conde, Rober Román, Fernando Henríquez, Alberto Vargas, Oscar Peña, Giovanny Zambrano, Walter Rocha and Melquíades Cariel. The students of the different elementary schools located in the different parishes of the municipality, such as “Doroteo Centeno”, “Juana García Ladera”, “José Alí Lebrún” y “Guillermo Smith”, have the opportunity to participate in four workshops in which the artist makes them to take interest by the painting, having like final project the elaboration of the mural, corresponding to the co-sponsors to cover the costs of the materials, fees of the artist and meals for the children.