Gas Platform collapse in Sucre without victims or environmental damages
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, 13th May 2010
The collapse on Thursday early hours of Aban Pearl Gas platform off shore, located in Sucre State, Venezuela eastern part, did not cause causalities or environmental damages, pointed out Minister of Popular Power for Energy and Oil, Rafael Ramirez. Ramirez, in the phone contact, explained that is practicing over flights in this area and morning operations are concentrated in transfer of workers from the support boats and drill boat to Carupano. He informed about conformation of a investigation committee in order to determine possible cause of the accident. Platform is owned by an Indian company, which maintains some agreements with PDVSA where responsibilities are established and is ensured the integrity of devices. He pointed out that platform was repaired, surveyed and certified by a qualifier who ensured available conditions to operate the same. President of the State oil company said a robot will be submerged in order to practice some direct inspections around the structure is supporting the platform. Aban Pearl is a structure of 72 per 72 meters supported by columns that at the same time are attached to another floating structure. It means two vessel structures down platform which maintain balance based on a ballast management system. In one of then is situated the failure, explained. He highlighted, there are safety mechanism such as valves with metallic structures which close completely any fluid income. In this case, we are referring to dry gas. There are not possibilities any contamination, added.