Government investigates causes of collapse of platform Aban Pearl in Sucre
Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, 13th May 2010
Bolivarian government, thought Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) investigates the causes of the collapse, in early ours of Thursday, of semi-submersible platform Aban Pearl, working on waters of the Caribbean sea, near to the cost of Sucre State. This was stated by Minister of Popular Power for Energy and Oil and the president of PDVSA, Rafael Ramirez. He explained, that on Thursday at 11:23 pm, was detected a failure in flotation system (pontoon) in the captioned place, which produced a 10 degrees inclination. Immediately, proceeded to perform a survey in four columns (structure which floats) and was detected a massive water income. Were put in place technical mechanism and safety valves and the well Dragoon 6 was sealed without environmental damage. In the platform stayed just the Master and 2 naval engineers whom were evacuated once found the imminent collapse of the structure as a consequence of 45 degrees inclination.