Two Pdvsa's barges damaged in Zulia state, 09th September 2013
"Bad weather in the early morning of Saturday in Zulia state (west Venezuela) damaged two barges property of the West Executive Management operating in Lake Maracaibo," Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) reported in a press release. One of the barges, LV-402, capsized and the crew was rescued. "The meteorological event made the barge LV-402 sink and caused a failure in the steam generation and drive (SGG) barge," the state-run oil company added. Based on the press release, oil and gas operations were not hindered. "Rescue works of the capsized barge will start at the earliest. For its part, the SGG vessel was tugged to Dock Zulima, where it will be repaired by workers and taken back to production works." According to Pdvsa, both events were "promptly addressed, thus preventing further occurrences or fatalities." Nevertheless, local oil trade unions complained about the poor sea operations. Jairo Ollarve, the president of the Oil Trade Union at Lagunillas, said that about 25 Pdvsa's vessels are out of service in Lake Maracaibo. He added that some activities, such as food and fuel supply or staff shifts are delayed because of the boats in short supply. "Launches are for 20 people and carry more than 30. This is the case with companies such as Schlumberger. Pdvsa's Aquatic Operations cannot cope with the expropriated infrastructure," Ollarve affirmed.