Venezuela's main commercial port handling general cargo. This port is administered by Bolivariana de Puertos, S.A., a national state body assigned to the Ministry fro Public Works and Housing, in charge of the administration and operation of this terminal. Stevedoring services for bulk cargo is also performed by private port operators.
Port facilities comprises 25 berths able to acommodate ro-ro, container, and bulk vessels of up 12 mts. of draught. Besides, there are two specialized terminals to handle chemicals and liquid bulk cargoes. The average of vessels served in the last years has been of 2,500, the port handling 600,000 TEUs.



This terminal is run by the state-owned oil company PDVSA, and it has a depth that vary from 14 to 16 mts. The average number of vessels calling to this terminal is 240 per year. At the moment a new fully automated pier has been completed, able to accommodate vessels of up to 250 meters. in length and 100,000 DWT.



An oil terminal that is two kilometers far from the commercial port, operated also by the oil industry itself. The canal that gives access to the terminal has depth of 10 to 16 mts, and there are two piers able to accommodate vessels up to 185 meters in length and 11 meters of draught. The terminal serves more than 40 vessels a years.



This terminal is located to the west of Puerto Cabello and the eastern side of the Goaigoaza Island. The terminal is operated through a concession. The pier of re-inforced concrete has depth of 9.3 meters, able to acommodate chemical vessels. It has also a transport belt for bulk material and pipeline for the handling of liquid products. Its complex of tanks may receive large volume of solvents, acids, chemicals as well as tallows and vegetables oils. The terminal serves more than 100 vessels a year.



This facility comprises two floating piers, yards and warehouses all of which operate as a terminal of commercial use, under the administration of the Oficina Coordinadora de Transporte Maritimo (OCAMAR), an autonomous service of the Venezuelan Nav.



This is a specialised terminal for chemical products with 55 tanks of different capacities ranging from 200 m³ to 300 m³, most of them are carbon steel and three of them of stainless steel, with lines to a pumping chamber, and from this point to the pier lines with different diameters with length of 300 meters. Most of the tanks are furnished with cooling or temperature maintenance systems in order to handle specific products, including inside lining. This terminal serves approximately 120 ships per year.